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HealthRider SoftStrider Treadmill

Expert Rating:2 stars

Arm Bars ‘Try’ To Provide an Upper Body Workout

At first glance, this looks like just another treadmill.  Then you look closer and notice that it has arm bars at the front of the running surface.  These arm bars are design to give you an upper body workout while you walk or jog. Interesting!

This machine comes from the same company that makes NordicTrack.  For $999, this is a unique option that may appeal to those of you who are looking for a bit more upper arm stimulation.  As for the effectiveness of these arms, we really can’t get too excited.  It seems like more of a sales gimmick and we weren’t terribly impressed.

Note: We definitely recommend you check out the ProForm Performance 400i instead of this machine.

Features on the HealthRider SoftStrider

  • SoftStrider treadmill2.75 HP Motor – This motor is more in line with the pricing that you’d find on a ProForm or NordicTrack machine.
  • Meal Plan – The machine comes with a “professionally crafted meal plan” to help you get the most out of your exercise plan.
  • Warranty – 5 year Frame and Motor, 90 day Parts and Labor. Again, HealthRider disappoints us with its warranty.  Other quality brands in this price range have a lifetime or 25 year motor warranty.  The 90 Day Parts is also very worrisome.
  • 18”x50” Tread Belt – This may work fine if you of average height and just plan to do walking on this machine. Otherwise, it may feel a bit small for you.
  • SpaceSaver Design – Folding is always a nice feature to have. No complaints here.
  • User Weight Capacity – The weight capacity on this machine is listed at 300 lbs. This is probably a bit high, so we’d estimate it at closer to 250 lbs.  This will work well for a lot of people, but not everyone.

Our Review of the HealthRider SoftStrider

The upper body motion on this machine is certainly unique.  It ‘kind of’ does what it’s intended to do, but we can’t get too excited.  The other concessions in design and quality do not justify spending $1000 on this machine.  You’d probably be better off buying a machine like the ProForm Performance 400i or Horizon T101 and simply carrying 2.5 lb hand weights while you exercise.

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