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HealthRider H95t

Expert Rating:3 stars

A Nice Sturdy Frame!

HealthRider H95T treadmill review and ratingOn a cold winter’s day in December, I braved the frigid weather and sought out a nearby Sports Authority store.  My mission: to try out as many treadmills and elliptical trainers as the store had available.

Among the equipment that I investigated was the HealthRider H95t treadmill made by Icon Fitness.  According to the salesperson who worked in the fitness equipment department at this particular store, the HealthRider H95t is a hot seller at Sports Authority.

Note: Also consider the NordicTrack C 990 or the ProForm Power 795 as an alternative. They are built by the same company that builds the H95t, and they have a longer parts warranty.

What I Discovered About the HealthRider H95t

As I hopped onto the HealthRider H95t treadmill, I placed my feet on each side of the treadbelt, grasped hold of the handlebars, and proceeded to test the sturdiness of the machine by rocking from side to side.  The verdict: the H95t has a nice, sturdy frame!

However, what makes the HealthRider H95T differ from the competition is iFit Live (explained below), and the extensive variety of workout programs. One of the biggest hurdles to getting in shape and losing weight is getting inspired. It becomes even more difficult when you are walking or running in place. The HealthRider offers some excellent challenges to stimulate and motivate you towards your fitness goals.

More Facts on the HealthRider H95t Treadmill

  • Heart Rate Monitor: Check your heart rate by holding onto the handlebars long enough for the built-in sensors to take a reading.  Adjust the intensity of your workouts accordingly to keep your heart rate within the range necessary to reach your fitness goals.
  • Folds for convenient storage when space is limited.
  • iFit Live Technology: Download customized workout routines on your computer through the Internet. They include audio coaching. With the use of a laptop, map out routes on Google Maps and have your treadmill simulate the terrain while viewing your run with Google Maps. There is a subscription cost.
  • 22 workout programs. You get a decent selection of exercise challenges that focus on distance training, performance and weight loss.
  • Speed levels range from 0-12 mph.
  • Incline levels go up to 12%.
  • Treadbelt size is 20” x 60″.
  • Stay in touch with your workout with the new Touch-Screen Display. Navigate through workout stats and options with the swipe of a finger.
  • The 2.75 HP motor on the HealthRider H95t is suitable for walkers and light joggers.

Our Review—The HealthRider H95t Treadmill

HealthRider treadmills are made by Icon Fitness, which also makes numerous other brands like NordicTrack, ProForm, Gold’s Gym and Image. Icon Fitness treadmills are also some of the best values at the competitive $999 price range. But once in awhile they have a miss. From some of the customer reviews I’ve read, this may be one of them.

You may want to consider either the NordicTrack C990 or the ProForm Power 995 as an alternative. Both come with a more extensive warranty, and the feedback I get is that they seem to be low maintenance machines.

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