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HealthRider H79t Treadmill

Expert Rating:2.5 stars

An Average Machine for Walking

HealthRider machines vary a great deal in their quality, so this machine can best be classified as “average/good-to-go/fine…etc etc.”  Sure it’s a decent machine.  It is made by the same manufacturers as NordicTrack and ProForm so it includes the well-loved iFit Live fitness tracking technology.  It also has a reasonable warranty for Lifetime Frame and Motor and 2 years parts.  (We have some serious gripes about HealthRider’s lower model warranties…)

So yeah… check this one out.  There’s nothing here that is going to make you go crazy with excitement.  There are better machines at better prices from other brands, so this isn’t really one we’d recommend you purchase.  Still, you could do worse!

Note: We recommend you check out some machines from NordicTrack or ProForm as alternatives.

Features on the HealthRider H79 Treadmill

  • H79t treadmillFlexStride Adjustable Cushioning – This is a hand feature to have since everyone has slightly different preferences and needs when it comes to cushioning.
  • 2.5 CHP Motor – The best thing we can say about this motor is that it has a lifetime warranty. That’s an indicator of whether it was built to last.  Plan to only use this machine for walking or light jogging.  It may strain or overheat with harder runs or heavier individuals.
  • 20×56” Tread belt – This size will work fine for many individuals. If you are over 6-foot, you will want to get a machine with a longer belt.
  • iFit Live – This technology is available on Icon Fitness products including NordicTrack and ProForm. It allows you to track your fitness stats, set goals, view results online and create customized workouts.  Use GoogleMaps to create a special route and the machine will adjust incline to match the real life terrain.  Jillian Michaels is the celebrity trainer largely responsible for the workouts and coaching in iFit.
  • 325 lb Weight Limit – This machine can probably handle up to 275 lbs. We’ve found that companies often exaggerate this value.

Our Review of the HealthRider H79t Treadmill

This an average machine.  For $750, you need to decide is ‘average’ is worth the investment.  We recommend that you check out machines from some other brands like Horizon, Yowza, or ProForm.  They can provide much better tech features, reliability, and quality of use for similar pricing.

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