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Image Treadmill Review


A Decent Value For People with Limited Budgets

image treadmill ratings and reviewsThe Image Treadmills have received some “Best Buy” ratings for budget treadmills. They are not heavy-duty commercial models,but they are decent values for people with limited budgets.

Your first impression when you see an Image treadmill like the Image Advanced 1400 is that it’s big and beefy and it comes with some impressive electronics. Don’t let the exterior look fool you. This is a budget treadmill with a budget warranty. It is not built for serious users, check but is primarily designed for walking.

Note: Image treadmills are built by Icon Fitness, which also builds NordicTrack and ProForm. Both these brands have a better selection and often better deals.

The IFit interactive electronics is a unique feature, but with a treadmill you need to be concerned more about the quality of the construction and less about the “bells and whistles.” What is under the hood and how will it last on the long run, or walk. The decks on the higher priced Image treadmills are reasonable. They claim to have a good size motors, but there are no standards on treadmill motors and manufacturers tend to over inflate the actual size.

Furthermore, you should always be concerned about a treadmill that comes with a 90 day warranty. That is not to say there are not a number of Image treadmills that last for years.

If your budget is less then $800 the Image may be your best bet, but we recommend that you increase your spending and go for a treadmill like the NordicTrack C 600,or the Sole F63.

Image Treadmill Ratings

Consumer Search Image 10.0 Review

The Image 10.0, along with other less expensive models, has only a 90-day warranty-the shortest in the industry. Even so, experts say the Image is fine if your home fitness plans include light walking. This treadmill has a wider belt than others (18-inches) and a stronger motor (2hp) than other budget models. Even so, more regular walkers and runners will need a more durable machine. rates the Image 10.6Q and the 10.4Q as one of the top ten budget treadmills.

Our Comments

The biggest problem with the Image treadmills is that people have over expectations on what they are getting. They think they can spend under $700 and get a machine that can handle joggers and extremely overweight individuals. These machines are primarily designed for walkers and people under 250 lbs.

Customer Reviews

I just received my treadmill a week ago (Image Advanced 1400). Its so easy to set up and the manual is straight forward. Its very sturdy and set well on the floor. Im 5ft4″ so the running space is perfect for me. If your looking for a nice strong treadmill, this is the way to go.

My husband and I have had our Image 8.25 for a year.  Our use was moderate and the machine is already broken.  We are both in good shape, neither over weigh, but the metal frame is broken.  I am very disappointed.

Image 8.25 Treadmill: Bought mine at Walmart about a year ago.  The main structure is several  metal bars welded together by the manufacturer.  The welding broke while a was using the machine and I nearly killed myself.  DON’T BUY THIS MACHINE!  It is poorly made and has a warranty of only 90 days.

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  1. Bobbi Baltzer Jacobo

    My Image 10.6Q is currently getting the motor control board rebuilt, but other than that all is well with it, I think. I bought it new, at Sears, in 1999. It was on sale at the time, in early December, down from a high of 1599.00 in January of that year. The sale price was 999.99, I took the Floor model rather than wait for one to be shipped in from another store, so I got it for 949.00. I didn’t have to put anything together, it was already totally assembled and maintained. Who knows how many people had already walked on it, but it seemed fine. I believe that it was American built, in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, in 1997. So, it had been around, somewhere, a store, a warehouse the factory, for about two years before I bought it. At present date that makes it 21 years old!

    The good: It was always a joy to use, almost daily. I ran and walked both on it, flat and inclined at various degrees. Very large, the walking belt is 22″X60″ which really makes it ideal for running with a long stride, the motor is 2.50chp, the rollers seem to be at least 2 1/2″, but more like 3″. I am a 5’3′; woman, usually around 125-130 pounds, but I had gotten up to 157 at my heaviest, one time, at least. For me this machine worked fine and I was the only one using it, so that must be taken into consideration, too. It was a little loud, or noisy, but not bad, it didn’t bother me. I kept it clean, it was used on the main floor of the house, and the shoes that I used to walk and run on it were not used outside for anything else. This saved the belt from wearing down from grit from outdoors.
    I really liked – like the electronic read outs of the front face. It has 6 regular preplanned workouts, plus three other more advanced, and manual which I used most. A red LED track on the face shows how far you have gone on a 1/4 mile track or a mile track. Also, you can enter your weight and age to get an idea of calories burned. The programs are all there and easy to activate on the face. A place for your water bottle, and a place for your book or paper work, and a place for your cell phone. It seemed ahead of its time, back then. Very easy to use, to pick the speed in increments and the incline in increments. Big, wide, heavy, not real quiet, not a lot of ” bells and whistles” by 2018 standards, but a substantial machine for its time, and still practicle for use, today. Smart looking too!

    The bad: they are notorious for the Motor Control Board burning out. Also,, the other annoying problem is the running belt slowing creeping to the Left as it is used. Easy to re center it, but annoying, never the less. I have NEVER had to lubricate the running board it is still slick and smooth. A non petroleum base lubricant such as a silicon is the way to go. Also, connect the treadmill to a GOOD surge protector and turn the whole thing off when not in use, including the Surge Protector. Keep it clean, dusted and vacuumed and good clean shoes on it for your work out, lubed if necessary, and never use it in a room below forty degrees, and usually it is recommended to limit use to about an hour at a time, although I have gone over that many times with no problem. I have really enjoyed this machine for the last twenty years! I hope to have the use of it again when the Motor Controller Board is rebuilt and re installed, as the rebuilt is supposed to be a lot better than the original!———–Bobbi


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